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HUGE Spotify plays pack! Stand out from the streaming crowd and become the king of online music! Buy promusic  promotion Spotify plays for your tracks and increase your visibility online. 

Give your music a boost worldwide, with a steady stream of mass plays, distributed for maximum realism and effect. Get One 100 plays  streams for your song or EDM track today. That’s right, 100k! 

As Spotify Specialists, we have the ability to present your music to several Spotify playlist curators over 100K Followers. Once you place an order, one of our team members manually work on your Spotify track link and begin Social Media MarketingArticle and Music Blog , Artist reviews and providing relevant engagement.

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Huge Spotify Premium Music Promotion Service for EDM Artist

Why Choose Us?

Our Spotify premium promotion services are 100% real and guaranteed, as well as completely safe. No password required! As a leading Spotify promo provider, we offer the whole spectrum of music marketing on the popular music streaming platform. Explore Spotify followers, playlist push, and many worldwide geo-targeted services

How do we promote your music?

Through today’s innovative communication technologies, millions of encouraged music artists all over the world are equipped for utilizing a numerous online platforms to send out their music. For electronic music artists, realizing this shift is the key factor to successful music promotion. Powerful promotion for electronic music players contain two main goals: provide the power to properly master your music and stick out as unique inside a pool of millions of music artists through the entire internet.

Why Should I Buy Spotify premium Plays?

Your song or track will be put on a popular playlist managed by us, where you’ll get an optimal number of plays that guarantees realism.

All plays count towards your Spotify numbers as well as royalty payments! At the end, we’ll send you a screenshot of your song(s) in the play rankings.

Delivery time: 30-60 days (this bulk service is delivered via a massive worldwide network).

What are the benefits of buying our Spotify premium promotion ?

It can be hard to gain interaction when you start your music career. The thing is – Music thrives on plays. The more streams a song gets, the more exposure it gets. The more exposure – the further it will travel and the more people hear it. like a self-feeding circle. This means that to reach any kind of large-scale audience you need to first get your music noticed. Using our music promotion you can buy Spotify streams under3 packages and watch your audience grow as a result – and that’s what DMP does best! 

Earn from Royalties

Spotify music promotion is one of the most useful and profitable methods of promoting music. When you buy Spotify plays, those plays will not only increase your audience but generate music royalties! Those profits will be paid to the artist via its music label and distributor.

Will I get banned from Spotify?

Absolutely not, this should not even be of concern,becuase we are using most organic marketing methods for our Spotify  Promotion. DMP takes customer security very seriously, so much so that we have created a groundbreaking system that makes sure your page will never get banned due to our any music promotion service, we do this by keeping our strategies and techniques compliant with Spotify‘s guidelines. We have completed more than a million orders over the years and not one account ban has been reported to us nor have we came across banned pages in our past customer diagnostic tests. Whether you are looking for 5 000 or a million plays rest assured DMP has you covered

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After the payment, we send the order to work. Delivery usually takes between 2 days -4 days. Your streams will go up organically on your Spotify profile!