About Us


About Us

We provide 100% organic music promotion services for all your streaming platforms. You name it, we have it. May it be Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or even Audiomack. Our speciality is that all the services we provide regarding music promotion are real and organic. We guarantee our services and you have a range of packages including premium packages to choose from. With the dawn of the new year 2022s, music promotions have become more important than ever. And added to that, organic and real promotion is the best and we are one of those who provide undoubtedly organic Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and Audiomack promotion packages. Our services do not include bots or any of the sort to manipulate organic promotion. Purchase from us and experience the difference.

Soundcloud Organic Promotions

Organic Exposure

$ 10
  • Real and Organic Results
  • 100% Real Engagements
  • 100% Organic
  • Real Exposure
  • No bots! Promo Will Get You a Real Results

Youtube Organic Music Promotions

Organic Exposure

$ 25
  • Organic Results
  • Boost Your Fans
  • Real Views
  • Massively Helps in Video
  • 100% Compliance with YouTube TOS !

Spotify Organic Music Promotions

Organic Exposure

$ 20
  • Organic Results
  • 100% Real Engagements
  • 100% Real Premium Plays
  • Better Ranking
  • Better Royalties and Better Safe


Promotion is everything if you are trying to make a place for you in the digital music industry. And also in order to make yourself known in the market of music, digital distribution of your music is the key. That is why ProMusic Promotion has a critical role to play in the industry.

We always guarantee the customer satisfaction provided by us as a music promotion services. We are always mindful to create 100% organic and natural traffic for your content with genuine accounts of real people.  Our service is top notch when it comes to quality. Our aim is to assist the budding as well as veteran artists to create their own positive footprint in the digital music industry. And we, at ProMusicPromotion, are dedicated to that sole purpose.  

Nowadays, music platforms are the #1 in their priority list for music artists. So make the spending worthwhile with Promusicpromotion campaigns.


  • Mainly we use mail lists.
  • Contribution your videos/tracks across the music-related Facebookgroups consisted over 800k members.
  • We share your track to social media to grow your fanbase.
  • promusic company have many SoundCloud/Youtube/Spotify channels consisted of over 500k subscribers.
  • Re-share and promote your track on them.
  • Totally real and organic.


Here is how ProMusic Promotion is so different from all the other music promotion services on the market!

these services are 100% organic at all times. We never use bot accounts or fake plays or anything of the sort to promote your soundcloud , spotify and Youtube  music. We use our social media tools and sharing networks to create a ripple effect of making your music popular among the general public. That is why it takes quality time unlike fake plays and shares provided by various other providers.

Each music promotion services you purchase from ProMusic Promotion is real and natural. Every single like on YouTube, every single play on Spotify, every single share on Soundcloud and every single reaction on Audiomack is guaranteed to be legal and real.