About Us


About Us

Are you in need of promoting your music on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or Audiomack? We have them covered at all times. Among other services and promotion packages, those are our highly specialized areas. We provide personalized premium music promotion for your songs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting your music to stand out among millions of other artists. With our professional help and direction, your music will be targeted at the group of people with the most potential and they will take it from there

We have Premium Boost Packages for your Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or Audiomack stream with 100% real promotion.  We will continue to guarantee customer satisfaction and 100% real engagement for your music on your preferred streaming platform. Hit it off with us and your music will be popular and loved all over the world. Purchase from us and experience the difference


$ 5 & UP Wards
  • Premium Reach
  • 100% Great Engagements
  • Real Exposure
  • Boost Your Streams
  • Viral Marketing


$ 10 & UP Wards
  • Premium Reach
  • Worldwide Engagements
  • 100% Real Engagement
  • Boost your fans
  • Massively Helps in Video


$ 10 & UP Wards
  • Premium Reach
  • Worldwide Engagements
  • 100% Premium Plays
  • Better ranking
  • Better Royalties and Better Safe

Outstanding results

We, at Promusic promotion, are dedicated to provide that highly professional and personalized service to each one of our customers. Our customers are guaranteed to receive outstanding results within the given period of time and even beyond with our premium boost promotion. Buy our premium promotion campaign and experience amazing results!

Great Price

The price of a Premium promotion campaign at PromusicPromotion is distinct from all the other service providers. For a very reasonable price, we provide the most reliable and premium  soundcloud,youtube and spotify promotions in the business. Check out the cheap Soundcloud promotion, cheap youtube pomotion and cheap spotify promotion  packages we have listed here on our website and choose what is best for you according to your needs and your budget

Fast Support

We are always there for you. No matter how much trouble or questions you have about our service or anything else related, we are there to solve and answer them all. We are ready all day every day. Satisfaction of our customers is of topmost importance for us at all times. We will always try to answer your questions, help you through the process and give out any allowed additional information before the purchase, when the promotion is ongoing and even after the deal is closed.

Privacy Guaranteed

Your privacy is always protected with us. No third party is allowed to receive, view or access any information regarding the transaction or customer information. Not even your name will be disclosed. So, there needs to be no worries about other people knowing that you have purchased a Soundcloud, youtube and sotify promotion campaign from us. Unless you disclose that information to someone yourself, not a word will get out

How long will it take to start the delivery of the service?

Premium promotion will take only less than 12-24 hours to start the delivery of service. With an average of 8 -12 hours, you will start seeing quite immediate impressions for your music on Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify  Within the first couple of hours of you purchasing the  premium promotion campaign from us, our team will start promoting your song through our promotion channels. We have a growing team with high potential. Our services will continue only to improve. Just like starting to experience the increase in impressions in such a short time like 12 hours, it will leave a lasting impression. Your music will continue to flow through our promotion channels and it will be going on for even years. This can only get better.

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